Florence Vial


Born in France, I begin sculpting at the age of twenty in the workshop of Françoyse Hamel in Marseille. I spend three years following her teaching and through her I discover artists such as Gargallo, Ousman Sow, Ernest Pignon Ernest and Arp.

On arriving in Jakarta I begin a series of busts and constantly take ownership of my models' images. The search for materials to give more expression and realism to my portraits becomes indispensable. Terra-cotta, cement or chamotte clay. The mediums I use are there to give life. 

Over time my work changes, my portraits become outlines to emphasise the strength of my characters. I am inspired by ink drawings and shape my sculptures in one stroke.

My trips to foreign countries also inspire me to create series on different local themes, I like to give my vision as a foreign artist.

Today I have become completely detached from the figurative to express subjects of a much more personal nature, however lines remain my mode of expression.

In the end, my obsession is still the same, I look for balance, delicacy and fragility. 



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