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There was a golden egg, round and full, Nestled gently on his secret. But already the hour had birth And egg vibrated singing of childbirth

The egg opened to allow passage Split shell that delivers a treasure Offering valuable Life To the gold of light

Born was a start, breathing an adventure It was a nest woven out of dreams. Hungry chick beak wide open The newborn looked for breath .

Lying on his back, eyes wide open, The little being hatched drank the world, light, life, Feeding on time, drawing The strength of his body and the brilliance of his mind.

Camped legs, arms outstretched To enter the world, or to fly, Spreading his wings he left, rose, ventured: It was aiming for the sky ...

And he lived happily often Sometimes unhappy, sad some days Faithful to the Source, the Force, the Life .....